Amel 54

by George Day

Blue Water Sailing
September 2006


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It is unusual for a boatbuilding company to build only one model at a time, but Amel is not your usual builder of cruising boats. After five years of building the Amel Super Maramu 53 Millennium, the French builder last year introduced a new 54-foot version known simply as the Amel 54.

The 54 is an evolution from the earlier boat rather than a revolution. The new 54 has a sensible balanced ketch rig, a well protected center cockpit with the steering station protected by the hard dodger and faux teak decks just like her predecessor. In fact, many details will be familiar to those who know the 53.

But throughout the boat every system, every detail of construction and every item of gear and equipment has been thoroughly reexamined and upgraded wherever possible. The net result is a new Amel that is as technologically sophisticated as possible yet still true to pure cruising.

BWS will be giving the new 54 a thorough sea trial in September and will come back with a full report (written as always in collaboration with J.F. Potter) on the new boat.

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