Cabot 36

by BWS Staff

Blue Water Sailing
September 2005


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After a successful run from 1974 to 1978 when 49 boats were produced, the Cabot 36 was relaunched in 2005. Three years previous, YachtSmiths acquired the molds of the Cabot 36 that had lain abandoned in a field in Nova Scotia since 1978. Designed by Ted Brewer, the Cabot 36 can be purchased as a “standard sail away” cutter or sloop or as a kit for those with a moderate amount of construction and finishing expertise. YachtSmiths is also working on a pilothouse version that will have a transom scoop.

The 2005 Cabot 36 uses modern Corecell foam core construction for added strength and lightness instead of the original Airex core. With a full keel, a SA/D of 14.3 on the sloop and a D/L of 256, she won’t win many races, but will live up to her original intention as a hardy cruiser fit for a couple to handle the conditions in the North Atlantic.

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