Fountaine Pajot
Lavezzi 40

by BWS Staff

Blue Water Sailing
February 2007


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The Lavezzi 40, designed by noted French designers Joubert/Nivelt, is one of the smaller offshore cruising cats in the Fountaine Pajot line (from 36 to 60 feet), yet contains all of the elements you will need for extended living aboard, family cruising and passagemaking.

The hull forms are lean and Lavezzi 40 slippery shapes with fairly full sections fore and aft to prevent pitching and to improve water flow. The fixed keel draws three feet, six inches and acts both to enhance windward sailing and as hull protection should you run aground.

The modern hull and deck are infusion molded under pressure so that the glass-to-resin-to-glass-fiber ratio can be optimized; this technique reduces weight in the laminates of the hull and deck, ensuring the optimal saturation of resin into the fiberglass rovings.

The rig is thoroughly modern with a high roach, fully-battened mainsail and a smaller overlapping genoa. Reaching sails can be flown from the bow of the windward hull when heading downwind or from the A-frame on the centerline when reaching. The Lavezzi is a slippery cat and will sail at double-digit speeds off the wind.

The helmsman's station and comfortable armchair are to starboard in the cockpit and well protected from spray peeling off the bows at higher speeds by a small windshield. The main sheet runs to a traveler in the cockpit, where it can be trimmed and shaped by one person. The genoa sheets run to cars and tracks on the cabin top and then to selftailing winches; the starboard sheet is within reach of the helmsman.

The saloon has a unique ergonomic design with the galley immediately to port as you enter, the nav station forward of and part of the galley, and the large, curved dinette to starboard. Seated in the dinette you have unobstructed views in all directions.

In the owner's version, the master stateroom, desk/vanity and large private head occupy the starboard hull, while the double guest cabins and second head fill the port hull. The finish work of the Fountaine Pajot line of cats is modern, simple and elegant.

Fountaine Pajot (a French company) has built hundreds of cruising cats and has earned a reputation for innovative designs, quality construction and loyal customers. For more information on the Lavezzi 40 contact Aeroyacht USA in New York at 800-446-0010.

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