Gemini 105MC

by BWS Staff

Blue Water Sailing
February 2007


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The Gemini 105Mc remains the most popular cruising catamaran built in North America and has undergone steady improvement over the long life of the design. At 33 feet, six inches and with a beam of 14 feet, the 105Mc is a compact and well thought out small cat that has proven to be both a great coastal cruiser and a capable passagemaker. The relatively narrow beam enables the boat to be moored in most standard marina berths instead of being relegated always to the end of a pier.

The 105Mc has shallow hulls Gemini 105Mc designed in a teardrop shape that give the cat a soft ride and help to reduce pitching. The clearance under the forward end of the bridgedeck is 39 inches, which is enough to help prevent excessive wave slapping when you are sailing to windward in a chop.

Retractable centerboards in each hull add 18 inches of depth and greatly improve windward sailing abilities. The boards are raised and lowered from inside each hull and will kick up on their own should you sail onto a sandbank. The twin rudders also can be retracted from the helm.

Geminis come with solid but advanced cruising rigs with a large mainsail with plenty of roach, a roller-furling genoa and a choice of roller-furling downwind sails. The downwind sails are tacked on a curved track that allows you to crank the sail to windward while running or flatten it out when you want to close reach in light winds.

Down below the saloon is cozy and comfortable and will seat six around the dinette table. Altogether the 105 has sleeping accommodations for six but is really set up for a couple who will be inviting along another couple as guests.

The Gemini 105Mc is built by Tony Smith in Annapolis, Md. Tony has been developing and building cruising multihulls for 30 years and has learned a lot along the way from his own experience at sea and from input from the thousands of Gemini owners. The 105Mc is a pure cruising boat that will be comfortable and safe and will perform well in a wide range of conditions.

Smith is also a master builder who knows how to build it right without inflating costs. That is why the Gemini 105Mc is one of the best values (and thus most popular) cruising cats ever conceived.

For more information contact Performance Cruising, Annapolis, Md., at 410-626-2720.

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