Malo 41


Malo 41 • From Sweden, oceangoing and spry

We had a great time aboard the Swedish-built Malö 41, and found plenty to recommend this solid pretender to the thrones of Hallberg- Rassy and Najad. In the July 2002 issue of BWS we suggested, “In the world of well-found cruising sailboats, 41 feet is a great size for a young family or a couple of any age answering the call of the sea.” We went on to affirm, “Among the more impressive new boats in this range currently on the market is the Malö 41, built by Malö Yachts on the island of Orust along the western coastline of Sweden just to the north of Göteborg.”

Two things in particular stand out about the vessel. First, it is built with refinement and integrity by the same caliber of craftsmen who have brought Swedish boatbuilding in general to the eminence that it enjoys today. These boatbuilders are good. Second, despite the proximity of the Malö yard to two of Sweden’s finest builders of center-cockpit boats, this boat—as others in the line—is an aft-cockpit vessel, and for people interested in a piece of northern European boatbuilding and wedded to the idea of an aft cockpit, well, this is big news.

The Malö 41 is available in two basic versions—a “standard” reverse-transom version, and a “classic” counter-stern version with a fantail. Describing either boat is virtually the same once you venture forward of station ten. The goal in both cases is “to build lovely, seaworthy boats, well-suited to the demands of the elements.” And the way they do that is with a lot of hands-on fabrication and meticulous attention to the building process. To sail aboard one of these vessels is to see the results, at first, and then to experience the results in the form of solid motion through a seaway and a complete absence of creaking, working, and groaning from anywhere in the hull.

We did some comparison shopping as we assessed the nondimensional numbers and our findings were quite consistent with what we experienced on the water. As we described it in July 2002, “A Length/Beam ratio of just over three (3.28 for the Standard, 3.38 for the Classic) points to moderate thinking on that score (as in, beamy), and a Displacement/Length mark of 247 indicates medium displacement comparable to, say, a Sparkman & Stephens-designed Tartan 40 (244) or a Bob Perry-designed Nordic 44 (241). Sail Area/Displacement tips in at a powerful 20.1, which is in J/Boats and X/Yachts territory. Ballast/Displacement at 38 percent and a Limit
of Positive Stability (LPS) at a little more than 130 degrees are both well into the safe zone.”

As far as living conditions go, “joinery and finish work are first rate, which means that it is difficult to go below on this boat without being impressed by the quality of the space…It is rich and clean.” Rich and clean only begins to describe the behavior of the boat through the water, which we described as “fun to drive, as her designers appear to have come upon a successful combination of hullform, foil configuration, and horsepower.”
In total, we affirmed, “Clearly this is a solid, well-thought-out vessel designed for oceangoing service and we would consider it under-utilized were it confined to inshore use.

LOA (std.) 42’8” (13.0 m.)
LOA (classic) 43’11” (13.4 m.)
LOD (std.) 42’0” (12.8 m.)
LOD (classic) 43’2” (13.2 m.)
LWL 35’5” (10.8 m.)
Beam 13’0” (3.97 m.)
Draft (std. bulb) 6’6” (1.97 m.)
Ballast 9,408 lbs. (4,267 kgs.)
Displ. 24,640 lbs. (11,177 kgs.)
SA (100%) 1,066 sq. ft. (99 sq. m.)
Ballast/Displ. 38%
Displ./Length 247
SA/Displ. 20.1
Fuel 100 gals. (375 ltr.)
Water 145 gals. (550 ltr.)
Auxiliary Yanmar 4 JH3T
(B)E 55.2kW 75-hp
Designer Leif Ängermark

Malö Yachts AB
S-473 99 Henån
Ph: +46 (304) 596 00

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1500 Westlake Avenue N.
Suite 108
Seattle, WA 98109
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Author: Blue Water Sailing