Bermuda Extends Permitted Stay of Visiting Yachts


Good news for Bermuda lovers. Now you can stay longer.  In the House of Assembly on Friday, May 27th, Bermuda’s Minister of National Security, Wayne Perinchief, said that the Cabinet had approved a revised policy for visiting yachts. Starting today, June 1st, visiting yachts and their crews will be granted a maximum 90 day stay on arrival in Bermuda. Visitors will need to provide proof of citizenship and the means to repatriate themselves by air; proof of health insurance and a declaration not to seek or take up employment in Bermuda.

The fee for this long stay will be $250, and extensions for up to a further 90 days will also be permitted on application to the Department of Immigration. The Minister said, “Visiting yachts and crews spent over $10 million in Bermuda in 2010. Extending the permitted length of stay will increase this contribution to the local economy and do more to further the positive image of Bermuda as open for business and demonstrate more red carpet and less red tape.”

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Author: Blue Water Sailing