Catalina’s Two Harbors Now Offering Advanced Mooring Reservations


Mooring in the Catalina Island area just got a bit easier. Whereas Two Harbors had previously not accepted advanced reservations, you can now book your mooring for Sunday through Thursday nights up to 90 days in advance by logging onto The moorings are divided into four general areas to choose from with your actual mooring being assigned when you arrive. The available options to choose from are:

  1. Isthmus Cove, Fourth of July Cove, Cherry Cove
  2. Emerald Bay, Howland’s Landing, Little Geiger
  3. White’s Landing, Moonstone, Hen Rock, Buttonshell
  4. Catalina Harbor, Wells Beach

Weekend reservations can be made too, but you have to wait until after midnight on Thursday of that weekend to book them. Moorings available for reservations are limited, but if you’ve got your cruising itinerary in place, hop online and get yours booked. For more information, go to


Author: Blue Water Sailing