New Dreams, New Boats • It is no secret that Blue Water Sailing fosters the cruising dream in many sailors and helps those who are getting ready to set off for a season or a year of cruising to prepare themselves and their boats for the adventures ahead. It is vitally important in life to have dreams and then to live them as best we can.

Setting off on an adventure, particularly at sea where you have to be so self sufficient, has a wonderful way of engaging our minds and spirits. Adventures expand us and seem to brighten the colors and sharpen the sounds of everything we encounter whether it is a full moon rising or the scent of a whale blowing in the distance. Following your sailing dreams will be like living life in full Technicolor instead of the blander, duller hues of life in the trenches ashore.

When I encounter people, often couples, who are actively cruising, I am always pleasantly surprised to find how animated and excited by life they are. They are so full of stories they talk on top of each other, finish each other’s sentences and then race on to tell you of new wonders they have encountered along the way. This enthusiasm is truly inspiring.

There are lots of ways to make the dream of cruising real and lots of boats in which you can sail happily over the horizon to new landfalls and new adventures. But, if you can swing it, a new cruising boat that you have built to your own specs and sailing style, becomes your very own magic carpet. It is no wonder so many cruising boats have that for a name.

Pretty much all of the boats on the market these days are capable of safe mid-latitude sailing, living aboard and cruising, once properly and prudently equipped. Starting from scratch with a new boat is in fact an integral part of many cruisers’ dreams since the process of buying and equipping their new boats allows them to truly express their sailing identities and to really “get it right.”

As it happens, after five years of economic headwinds, there has never been a better time to buy and equip a new cruising boat. Fair pricing and value are built into every boat since sales have been hard to come by, and boat builders and their dealers are eager to work with all potential customers. Plus, interest rates are low and money more available than it has been since the start of the recession.

This fall, as you walk the docks at the boat shows, carrying in your pocket your dream of sailing away and discovering the world, you will find many vessels stout and safe enough to carry that dream across oceans. I hope you are one of the lucky ones who can start fulfilling that dream this year by getting started with a new cruising boat.

As they say, it is always better to live your dreams instead of dreaming away your life; it is always better to live in Technicolor than in shades of gray; and, it is always better to be sailing your own boat than doing almost anything else. See you at the boat shows.


Author: Blue Water Sailing