Catalina 425


(published September 2016-boat show preview)

In an age of giantism among production boats, Catalina has remained calm and continues to design and build sensible mid-range cruising boats in the American yacht vernacular at a reasonable price. The new 425 follows the introduction and success of the new 275 two years ago and incorporates many of the design or styling features pioneered in the smaller boat. The 425 has a distinctly modern look yet you will make it out as a Catalina even from afar. The twin wheels, a low slung cabin top, a smallish headsail and a bowsprit that can handle both the anchor tackle and a downwind sail give the boat its edgy look that means performance in all that word’s meanings. The boat will debut in Annapolis 2016 and BWS will offer a review as soon as possible.

Author: Blue Water Sailing


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