Four Hours Away From a Nap

Keep your crew’s awareness sharp by taking a disciplined approach to watchkeeping   (published August 2012) We’ve all seen it: the excitement of departure has everyone awake […]

Coastal Currents

(published July 2012) Current flow within a few miles of a coastline is usually the result of a complex set of forces. Contributing factors include tidal […]

Medicine on Board

By the time you’re looking for your medical kit, it’s already too late to start getting prepared  (published July 2012) Racing around the world in the […]

Essential Offshore Gear

The SSB Radio demystified: Part Two  (published June 2012) Heard the SSB is too complicated to install or learn to use? Think again. Modern SSB radios […]

Where On Earth Are You?

Tracking devices abound, and they are only improving  (published June 2012) The skipper on Thursday’s Child took a few moments out from dealing with the heavy […]

Essential Offshore Gear

The SSB radio, demystified  (published April 2012) SSB radios are king when it comes to reliable, long-range communications. Above and beyond satellite phones, the SSB gives […]

Bermuda and Beyond

Getting from the East Coast to Bermuda can present a road full of potholes  (April 2012) It’s another Bermuda Race year. That, however, is just one […]