Bicycling While Cruising

Carrying a bike aboard can be extremely useful and nprovide you with additional enjoyment as you cruise  (published October 2014) One of the main joys of […]

The Major Refit

Time and miles have taken their toll. It’s time to manage a refit to all your boat’s essential systems.  (published Ocdtober 2014) The miles have slipped […]

Rotary Currents

Learn the nuances of these currents to help in your coastal navigation  (published September 2014) Most tidal currents we deal with on inland waters are reversing […]

Learning the Ropes

Lines run here, there and everywhere on a sailboat. It’s worth knowing what their properties are and how best to use them.  (September 2014) A few […]

Tricky Terms in Navigation

Learning the proper meanings and uses of navigational terms will put us all on the same page, and just might teach us some history, too  (published […]

Get the Most from the Sun and Wind

A quick guide to maximizing your energy independence  (published June 2014) For decades now, solar and wind power have reliably provided inexpensive energy to cruisers. It’s […]

Hawaii by Sextant

How to learn and practice celestial navigation using data from a 2,800 mile ocean passage  (published May 2014) Most blue water sailors think about learning celestial […]