New & Noteworthy

Advancements in nav and electronics  (published January 2013) Technology has vastly changed the way sailors look at almost every aspect of the cruising lifestyle. Some sailors […]

Battery Banter

(published November 2012) Chuck Hawley, West Marine’s Vice President of Product Development, recently bought an Alerion Express 38 Yawl and is learning how to be a […]

All Charged Up

Consider an alternator upgrade for increased efficiency  (published November 2012) Your engine’s alternator can be considered the battery bank’s primary charging device since you use the […]

Sail Off the Grid

Solar, wind and water power for independent cruising  (published November 2012) As I sit and write on a charging laptop, the refrigerator compressor kicks on nearby, […]

GPX Files

Your best bet for nav data transfer  (published November 2012) There are many reasons these days to transfer navigation data among GPS and e-chart devices. Here […]