Work Horse Winches

(published April 2017) If you have never pulled apart your sheet and halyard winches, you might be surprised at what simple and elegant machines they are […]

Buzz-Worthy Boat Brains

Today’s multi-function displays (MFDs) do so much more than manage charts  (published April 2017) If the engine is the boat’s brawn, the multi-function display (MFD) is […]

Modern Sailing Handling Systems

Technical and design developments have created sail handling systems that make sailing safer, easier and more fun  (published April 2017) In the last few decades, sail […]

How Refrigeration Works

Understanding your refrigeration system allows you to get the best out of it  (published April 2017) I’ll try not to get too technical on this subject, […]

Offshore Power Management

How to build an energy system that is robust, reliable and up to the rigors of offshore sailing  (published April 2017) For the past 30 years […]

Digging for Treasure

Spring is upon us, and it’s time to ort through the various treasures hidden in the dark recesses of my seabag. Some are old standbys, others […]

Before the Wind

There are a number of options for comfortably running downwind  (published March 2017) There is nothing quite so awesome as a warm breeze at your back, […]

Batteries for Cruisers

Match your batteries to your needs and budget  (published November 2016) Among the cruising fleet of sailors, the topic of onboard energy is a constant staple […]