Hidden Danger

Regularly inspect your chainplates to avoid an unexpected failure  (published August 2013) Servicing chainplates is not an item you often find on a sailboat owners list […]

Mid-Atlantic Snag

Halfway across the ocean, their spinnaker came down and got tangled in the keel, rudder and prop. Here’s how they got going again.  (published July 2013) […]

Your Cruising Medical Kit

Well stocked first aid and medical kits are essential for safe, healthy cruising  (published May 2013) For cruising sailors, being able to cope with medical emergencies […]

Understanding Your Diesel Engine

How to become a more confident, anxiety free diesel mechanic  (published March 2013) I had departed the marina in Charleston, South Carolina bound for Florida, it […]

Battery Banter

(published November 2012) Chuck Hawley, West Marine’s  Vice President of Product Development, recently bought an Alerion Express 38 Yawl and is learning how to be a […]