Safety At Sea Seminars

Safety depends on planning, preparation and practice-and the hard information you will learn at a sanctioned Safety at Sea seminar  (published May 2015) The 1979 Fastnet […]

Check. Check. Not Check.

Whether racing offshore or cruising, taking stock of a “safety equipment requirements and recommendations” list will show you what safety gear you have, but more importantly, […]

Dry Suits for Cruisers

What’s outthere in the realm of four weather gear for those looking to stay 100 percent dry?  (published April 2015) When sailors think of dry suits, […]

Prop Shaft Line Cutters

A line or weed tangled in our pop can ruin your whole day, if not end your cruise. Here’s the remedy.  (published April 2015) Every year […]

Stop Galvanic Corrosion

Replace your anodes annually to save your boat  (published April 2015) Galvanic corrosion occurs under the water where the metal parts of your boat, and boats […]

Paint It Black

Afer two years, renewing the bottom paint quickly moved atop our spring fitting out list  (published April 2015) While kayaking back to the boat after a […]

VHF Operations

Getting your crew comfortable using the VHF radio  (published February 2015) One of the simplest yet most important pieces of electronics aboard your cruising boat is […]