5 Single Sideband Tips

Five ways to make the signal you transmit from your SSB clearer and more reliable  (published February 2015) We were on a passage from the Canary […]

Comms for Cruisers

For offshore sailors, here are three modern communication solutions for three different budgets  (published February 2015) Skippers and their crews headed offshore should take their onboard […]

Roger Dodger

How I upgraded our dodger with the generous help of friends and fellow cruisers  (published January 2015) While sailing close hauled into a steep chop created […]

Self-Steering Matters

Part III: Making sense of emergency rudder options for your boat  (published December 2014) The most harrowing disaster aboard a cruising vessel, short of sinking or […]

Self-Steering Matters

Part II: Calibrating your windvane for top performance  (published November 2014) You are sailing just fine somewhere over the briny blue when you notice something is […]

Beyond the Ditty Bag

Essential things every sailor should bring along when sailing on someone else’s boat  (published December 2014) By now, the contents of a sailor’s ditty bag have […]

Silent Running

Re-powering a 36-ketch with an electric motor  (published November 2014) When my diesel engine’s exhaust manifold, raw water header tank, and other critical and expensive systems […]