Adding Reef Points

(published September 2012) Any experienced cruising sailor knows the importance of being able to reef your sails in heavy weather to reduce power and heeling. As […]

Finding Refuge

A tale of two approaches to an enchanted Australian cove  (published August 2012) It is 140 nautical miles from my home port in Williamstown, at the […]

Sheet Lead

One of the easiest sail trimming mistakes to avoid is over-sheeting. Simply remember the phrase, “When in doubt, let it out.” Let the sheet out until […]

Four Hours Away From a Nap

Keep your crew’s awareness sharp by taking a disciplined approach to watchkeeping   (published August 2012) We’ve all seen it: the excitement of departure has everyone awake […]

From Meek to Mighty

The awesome adventures of the Linda  O (published July 2012) The lunchtime office escapee had been enjoying a beautiful fall day at the Wahoo Cut Public […]


The ocean is your parking lot  (published July 2012) For centuries, heaving-to has been the most reliable trick in a sailor’s arsenal for “parking” a sailboat […]

Coastal Currents

(published July 2012) Current flow within a few miles of a coastline is usually the result of a complex set of forces. Contributing factors include tidal […]

Medicine on Board

By the time you’re looking for your medical kit, it’s already too late to start getting prepared  (published July 2012) Racing around the world in the […]

Finding Faults

Understanding the ins and outs of electrical circuits  (published June 2012) If anything on your boat is run by electricity, sooner or later it will fail. […]