The New Inland Navigation Rules

What you need to know about the recent change to the US Inland Navigation Rules  (published September 2015) Last year about this time, the USCG changed […]

Let’s Knot Argue

Keeping the marital knot tied  (published August 2015) From time to time Jill and I (okay, mostly Jill) are asked by other sailing couples (okay, mostly […]

Preparing to Sail South

The fall migration from the East Coast to the Caribbean takes planning and preparation  (published August 2015) Only you can decide whether this is the year […]

Heading Back to Sea

It’s a familiar theme, but as with all long distance passages, there are-and will be-vast differences.  (published August 2015) It’s early June and another transatlantic passage […]

Third Time Success

In her third attempt, the 70-year-old author completes a solo, non-stop circumnavigation aboard her 38 foot sloop  (published July 2015) In the darkness of the early […]

Understanding Your Diesel Engine

How to become a more confident, anxiety free diesel mechanic  (published March 2013) I had departed the marina in Charleston, South Carolina bound for Florida, it […]