Corsair 970


(published September 2016-boat show preview)

The 970 from Corsair is their new performance cruising model that combines many modern improvements to the concepts that have made the Corsair line of folding, performance tris so popular around the world. The 970 has a true performance main hull that is also beamy enough to provide volume for a comfortable interior. The amas are fuller and provide more floatation than in earlier designs, which means they do not bury their bows when the boat heels under the press of a puff; the added volume improves stability, increases speed and offers more storage. The accommodations are simple but adequate for a couple or three people to enjoy cruising. The 970 can attain speeds of over 15 knots and will sail by any monohull out there. The 970 folds up to fit on a trailer that can be hauled by a family SUV of sufficient capacity.

Author: Blue Water Sailing


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