Cruising Couple Brutally Attacked in Tobago Cays


Allen and Kate Barry of the s/v Mendocino Queen endured a horrifying attack and robbery while visiting the Tobago Cays just a few weeks ago. Below is an excerpt from their report to Noonsite. Warning: strong language is used.

“About 10PM Allen was below deck reading and thought he heard a slow running outboard motor. He grabbed the big 4 cell flashlight, went on deck and shined it about. He caught a glimpse of a small boat motoring away. The sound faded and he saw nothing further but kept looking around. Shortly thereafter, maybe only 10 mins, there was a sound at the bow and Allen, who was again below, came on deck and saw two men wearing masks board the boat. One raced down the deck toward Allen, carrying something in his hand.

Allen went back below and grabbed the first heavy object he found which was the 4 D cell flashlight (about 14 inches long). He also yelled for Kate who had just gone to bed. Allen started back up the companion stairs, which was now blocked by one of the boarders. Allen repeatedly struck the man, using the flashlight and kept screaming, “Get off my boat you motherf***er.” Allen kept yelling at the top of his lungs and hitting the boarder over and over. The boarder was trying to force his way below by kicking or stomping Allen in the chest arms and face. The struggle allowed Kate enough time to get to the VHF radio and put out a distress call, which was picked up by a few yachts. The man Allen was fighting with was screaming also. He was screaming, “I’m going to kill you motherf***er,” over and over. We were making a lot of noise and the vessel anchored closest to us heard both the commotion and the VHF call. The man attacking Allen got hold of the flashlight about the same time Kate finished the VHF call. Kate then attacked him with her fists and he clubbed her over the head with the flashlight. The blow split the skin on Kates scalp and blood flowed from her head over her neck, shoulders and back. The second assailant was now pointing a gun at Kate’s head and the first assailant had a knife to Allen throat. Allen had been knocked into the Nav Station during the struggle.”

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