16 Bill Biewenga
Speed Isn’t Everything | Whether you’re dealing with heavy weather or just taking a break, there are times when slowing the boat makes all the sense in the world

20 Daniel Collins
The Perfect Post | How to create a brilliant cruising blog and keep it fresh, even while at sea

24 World Cruising
A Season in New Zealand | A practical guide to cruising by land and water, with tips on where to get those boat projects done, too
by Nadine Slavinski

30 Classic Passage
Arctic Fever | Questions abound as a dream voyage to Svalbard is realized
by Øyvind Nilsen

36 World Cruising Adventures

38 Charter Companies

40 All Together Now
by Andrew Cross

50 Knowledge is Cruising Freedom

54 Get Experienced

58 Lucky in Paradise
by Zuzana Prochazka

64 Blue Water Boats
Bavaria USA—Dedicated to the Cruising Life | Innovative modern designs and factory direct sales make the new Bavaria Cruiser and Vision lines remarkably attractive players in the U.S. cruising market
by George Day

68 Boatswain’s Locker
Choosing a Generator | Part 1: The inside story of deciding if a genset is right for your onboard energy needs
by John Champion


Author: Blue Water Sailing