20 Bill Biewenga Offshore
Smoke Signals, Morse Code or…..

24 Cruising Life
Rally Sailing
The Salty Dawg fall rally 2014 in pictures

28 World Cruising
Daring the Dangerous Archipelago
Cruising the atolls of Tuamotu brings spectacular marine life and scenery, as well as fickle and potentially unfriendly passes
by Heather Francis

34 Classic Passage
A Passage for the Birds
Tenaya shares the seas with flying friends while heading from PNG to Palau
by Katie Thomsen

38 Cruising Life
History and hospitality on this South Pacific tropical gem
by John Neal

40 Comms for Cruisers
by George Day

44 5 Single Sideband Tips
by George Day

48 VHF Operations
by Andrew Cross

50 Blue Water Boat
Outbound 46 Revisited
Going strong after 15 years, this venerable passagemaker still might be the perfect couples blue water cruiser
by Andrew Cross

54 Boatswain’s Locker
How Many Holes in Your Boat?
Through-hulls and keeping your boat afloat
by John Champion

58 Tech Report
Folding and Feathering Props
Retrofitting a modern folding or feathering prop to your cruising boat will add up to a knot of speed under sail







Author: Blue Water Sailing