20 Bill Biewenga Offshore
Weather Preparation: its not so simple

24 World Cruising
Turkey Trot
Exploring one of the Mediterranean’s finest destinations by land and sea
by Diane Gorch

30 Classic Passage
Havana to Miami
A lesson in navigating more than just the waters between the United States and Cuba
by Tony Wall

34 Sailing Smart
Weekend Warrior to Ocean Voyager
How to step from the casual cruiser to successful blue water sailor
by Nadine Slavinski

40 Electronic Navigation

40 The Queen Goes Digital
How we assessed, purchased and upgraded our electronics with the past, present and future in mind
by Pete Dubler

46 Don’t Blame eCharts for Anything
What the grounding of the Team Vestas Wind boat in the Volvo Ocean Race reminds us about our own navigation
by David Burch

52 Boatswain’s Locker
Roger Dodger
How I upgraded our dodger with the generous help of friends and fellow cruisers
by Andrew Cross

56 Blue Water Boat
Hanse 575
The German builder has designed and built one of the most modern cruising boats on the planet that still has a traditional feel
by George Day




Author: Blue Water Sailing