Cruising Life: Navigating a successful partnership. How a cash-strapped 24 year old fulfilled a dream by Daniel Shea. World Cruising: Samoan Sojourn, A family finds more than just a great destination in the South Pacific by Trish Zumstein Ermini. Classic Passage: Gulf Stream Gallop, The mighty stream showed its many moods on the passage from the Bahamas to Newport, RI by George Day. Practical Passagemaker: Mid-Atlantic Snag, Halfway across the ocean, their spinnaker came down and got tangled in the keel, rudder and prop. Here’s how they got going again, by Tony Wall. Special Section Small Boat Cruising; A Blue Water Sailor Goes Brown, After life on the open sea the confines of cruising the Intracoastal Waterway in a 29-foot sharpie present unexpected challenges by Connie McBride. Small Boat, Big Lake, When two brothers venture out on Lake Michigan, the destination doesn’t really matter, by Andrew Cross. An Old Time Revival, Small boat cruising without an engine to the Florida Keys offers its own special rewards, by Bart Blankenship. Small Boat Savvy, 13 small cruisers and daysailers for every discerning sailor. Blue Water Boats: Rivolta 43 Vintage, The vision of a special yacht becomes an elegant, fast sailing reality. Bill Biewenga; The Fickle Finger of Fate, Lighting, electrical failure, computer crashes all happen on a whim of the gods. Safety and lives may hang in the balance and navigation’s basics can tilt the odds in your favor. David Burch: Weather Facts, How to obtain weather information by satellite phone.


Author: Blue Water Sailing