Bill Biewenga | Dressed to the Nines: Foul Weather Gear

David Burch| Hawaii by Sextant: Celestial Navigation

Classic Passage: The Path Less Traveled Ducking out of cyclone season’s path in the South Pacific doesn’t always mean heading for New Zealand by Barbara Sobocinski

World Cruising: Doing the Sambu Samba A buddy cruise into the wilds of Panama makes for an enriching experience by Heather Reimer

Cruising Life: My First Sea Story An educational voyage on Lake Superior creates lasting memories by Cindy Egeness

SAR Explained by Micael Jacobs and Chuck Hawley
Life Rafts by Chuck Hawley
Life Raft Servicing by Andrew Cross
Care and Maintenance of Safety Gear by Chuck Hawley
AIS for Cruisers

Boatswain’s Locker: Chartplotter Upgrade
How I replaced my chartplotter with a B&G Zeus T8, with a Raymarine network in place by Steve Gill

Blue Water Boats: Alerion 41 A coastal cruiser is born from the roots of her daysailing predecessors by Andrew Cross


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