18 Bill Biewenga
The Devil in the Details
It has often been said that the devil is in the details. It’s those same details that will decide victory on the racecourse or pleasure throughout a long distance passage.

22 David Burch
Marine Weather Services Charts- How to make your own

26 World Cruising
Jayapura Discovered
An unintended stop leads to new friends and a fixed boom in this interesting Indonesian city
by Katie Thomsen

30 Sailing Smart
The Right Decision
Flexible plans mean good seamanship and unexpected rewards
by Ellen Massey Leonard
34 Cruising Life
Food for Thought—Provisioning 101
A guide to stocking up, storing food and eating well underway
by Heather Francis

40 Safety at Sea
40 Check. Check. Not Check.
43 Safety at Sea Seminars
47 SAS Experience

52 Boatswain’s Locker
The Core of the Matter
The principles of fiberglass construction, what to look for in buying an older boat and how to assess and repair any damage
by John Champion

56 Blue Water Boat
Beneteau 60
The new 60-foot flagship from Beneteau offers a huge amount of living space in a cruising sloop that will eat up the miles
by George Day


Author: Blue Water Sailing