14 Bill Biewenga
Island Bound

18 David Burch
GRIB Viewers

22 Cruising Life
Pacific Personalities
The vast Pacific contains some of the most remote pockets of humanity on earth. In many of these places, one or two very special individuals are to be found.
by Todd Duff

26 Living Aboard
Hurricane Katrina—10 Years After
Two liveaboards look back on riding out Hurricane Katrina in a New Orleans marina.
by Troy Gilbert

32 Classic Passages
Places No One Has Been Before
Visiting Swan Islands, Islas Santanilla and Islas delCisne.
by Barbara Dahn

36 Bluewater Events
Rolex Fastnet Race 2015
On paper it looked like the 90th edition of the Fastnet Race was going to be a spectacular affair.
by Brian Hancock
42 Sail Tips
Choosing the Right Sails: Mainsails
There is always a struggle between how many sails to carry on board and where to store them. Fortunately one sail never needs to be stored, and that’s your mainsail.
by Brian Hancock

46 Practical Passagemaker
Keeping the Rig Up
Its not just about the wires
by Pete Dubler

52 Energy Systems
52 Fuel Cell Basics
by Andrew Cross
56 Water Power
by BWS Staff

60 Blue Water Boat
Jeanneau Sun Fast 3600
The meaning of ‘performance’ in modern, production monohulls continues to evolve and the Jeanneau 3600 is leading the way
by George Day