22 Biewenga Onboard
Learning the Ropes

22 Burch at the Helm
Rotary Currents

32 Classic Passage
Tales from the Crypt
An equatorial crossing haunted by superstition
by Heather Francis

36 World Cruising
New Caledonian Retreat
An introduction to the idyllic lagoons of this beautiful and cruisable Pacific stopover
by Nadine Slavinski

42 Living Aboard
The Three Day Rule
A cruiser looks back, ten years after living through Hurricane Ivan
by Ken Kilner

46 Cruising Life
Kourou, French Guiana
A gritty, yet fascinating stopover on the way north from Brazil
by Salwa Farah

50 Boat Show Preview

50 Five Tips for a Better Boat Show
by Andrew Cross

52 Financing Your Next Boat

54 Annual Boat Show Preview

66 Blue Water Boat
Hanse 505
The future is out there sailing already and it looks a lot like a Hanse 505

68 Boatswain’s Locker
Choosing a Generator
Part II: Installation tips for the faint of heart
by John Champion


Author: Blue Water Sailing