Hallberg-Rassy 400 Is the Complete Couple’s World Cruiser


The best builders with great reputations know that they need to deliver new boats that combine their company’s great DNA while also evolving new concepts. The new HR 400 does just that. It is an aft-cockpit design, instead of a traditional HR center cockpit, and it has twin wheels and, stop the presses, twin rudders. The 400 has a modern performance hull and will, I suspect, be one of the best sailing HRs ever built. Combine that with the easy-to-sail cruising rig and classic HR craftsmanship and accommodations below and you can see what a thoughtful approach to evolution is all about. This is a couple’s world cruiser that will turn in some handsome daily runs offshore. Read more. https://www.hallberg-rassy.com/yachts/hallberg-rassy-400


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