J/124 • J/Boats is renowned for its high performance cruisers that serve it up from the racecourse to a summer cruise. The design for the new J/65 was reviewed in BWS’s June issue, and though hull number one was launched this summer, you won’t see her at the fall shows as her owners were eager to head for the blue water and will be well on their way to Hawaii while we are still pounding the docks. However, the new J/124 will be on hand to fuel our own daydreams.

Building upon the successful J/100, the larger J/124 is almost 41 feet long and mimics the aesthetics of its smaller sister. With the J/124, J/Boats sought to create a high-end daysailer and weekender that is fast yet simple. While they pushed the envelope on performance, they wanted to keep it simple enough to singlehand, evidenced by the optional self-tacking jib and absent spinnaker gear. And high-end she is with a SA/D of 22 placing her well in the performance racing spectrum as well as a list of carbon fiber accessories keeping her light and allotting a D/L of 119. The relatively narrow, V’d hull, nearly-plumb bow and low sheer give the J/124 a sleek appearance.


Author: Blue Water Sailing


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