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Kadey Krogen 55 Expedition • The respected builder of displacement cruisers celebrates its 30th year with the introduction of a new, blue-water capable 55-foot trawler

While the popularity of trawlerstyle cruisers may seem a relatively recent phenomenon, Kadey-Krogen has been quietly and steadily building offshore-capable, displacement cruisers for three decades and has more than 550 boats out there exploring the world.

To celebrate their 30th anniversary, the company has commissioned and will launch a new model that is intended to carry her owners across oceans. With a 3,000-mile range, the new boat can truly voyage anywhere in the world her owners choose to explore.

There are several design details that make a Kadey-Krogen stand out among the trawler fleet. The design of the displacement hulls, first seen in the KK 42 launched in 1977, combines highly symmetrical hull form with a fine entry at the bow with a broad wine-glass transom. The result is a balanced hull that offers minimal resistance with a smooth and predictable ride. The company has coined the phrase “Pure Full Displacement” for the hull design. The hulls’ displacement-to-length ratios have been optimized to be as efficient as possible, which helps to extend their range while maximizing average cruising speeds.

The new 55 Expedition’s hull is a further refinement of this design approach. Powered by twin John Deere 158-horsepower diesels, the underbody of the hull has twin skegs to support the drive shafts and props. The skegs protect the props from flotsam and possible groundings and add a lot of directional stability. Whether powering in the flat water of the Intracoastal Waterway or running before a following sea on the way offshore to the Caribbean, the 55’s balanced hull and underwater configuration will provide truly stable and nononsense performance that will be reassuring to all on board.

The new 55 has a modern sheer and a graceful bow that is high enough to keep green water off the decks even in stormy conditions. The superstructure and pilothouse look salty and fit the hull shape nicely. The reverse angle windows on the bridge will shed rain water and spray and look purposeful. A good-size dinghy can be hoisted and stored on the after end of the upper deck.

All Kadey-Krogens have trilevel interior plans—pilothouse, saloon and forward cabins. The 55 Expedition is no exception. The enclosed pilothouse is large enough to double as a living space while the saloon offers ample room for family living and entertaining. The master cabin all the way forward is a spacious suite with a private head and plenty of storage. The guest cabin (or cabins) is just aft of the master stateroom and has its own separate head.

The new 55’s engine room will be the envy of the cruising fleet since both engines, the generator and all engineering systems are easily accessible for routine maintenance and repairs.

To provide the globetrotting cruising range, the new 55 carries 1,800 gallons of diesel, 520 gallons of water and 280 gallons of wastewater.

For those who are looking for a commodious floating home that has the design integrity, quality of construction and built-in systems to voyage the world, the new Kadey-Krogen 55 Expedition has a lot to offer. And, the new design comes with the added value of a 30-year boat-building history.

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