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Beyond the Horizon

Insights into Long Distance Cruising Adventures


March 9 – 11


Lowes Hotel, Annapolis, MD


Long distance cruisers from the U.S. will join a prominent offshore passage-maker from “across the pond” to share their “Insights into Long Distance Cruising Adventures,” a two-day seminar for cruisers. Speakers with decades of blue water experience will share their skills and knowledge with sailors who dream of cruising beyond the horizon within the next five years.  The seminar will be held at the Loews Hotel in Annapolis MD on March 9-11, 2018. 

Keynote Speaker Peter Goss is a British yachtsman who has sailed more than 250,000 nautical miles. Pete will share his recommendations for safety equipment and medical emergency response, based on his own experiences in the Royal Marines and as a single-hander competing in the Vende Globe. As our Saturday evening dinner speaker, he will explain how he launched a replica of a 19th-century wooden lugger called Spirit of Mystery and sailed from the UK to Australia on the boat, without modern electrical or navigation systems.

Special sessions will address issues of interest to women in the audience, as well as topics related to major boat systems and cruising life:

  • Choosing Your Boat; One Hull or Two…Glass, Wood, Aluminum?
  • Outfitting Your Boat
  • Safety Equipment for Passage-Making
  • Sail Selection for Long Distance Cruising
  • Power Generation & Battery Management
  • Ladies Roundtable
  • Care & Feeding of the Crew…and Captain
  • Interpreting Weather Systems
  • Heavy Weather Sailing
  • Electronics & Navigation
  • Spares, Maintenance, & Troubleshooting
  • Boat Insurance
  • Seasickness, First Aid Kits & Handling Medical Emergencies at Sea
  • Upwind/downwind and performance sail with blue water sailing
  • Empowering The First Mate …Together

In addition to presentations, the agenda will include panel discussions and time for one-on-one interaction between the speakers and the seminar attendees.
For more information, please contact us at seminar@glyachting.com


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