Seascape 24


(published September 2016-boat show preview)

Seascape is a Slovenian company that was founded by passionate small boat sailors and Mini-transat veterans —they sail 6.5 meter boats across the Atlantic 0cean! The team developed the Seascape 18 using principles developed for the Mini-6.5 boats but tailored for coastal racing and weekending for two. More than 300 have been sold. They developed the Seascape 27 next, which takes the design ideas in the 18 and expands upon them. These boats will get up and plane and can achieve speeds of up to 18 knots. A 27 won its class in last year’s Chicago-Mac race. They also can cruise a family of four and can be trailered behind a family SUV. The new 24 is the missing link between the two earlier boats and benefits from all of the experience earned thus far. A swing keel, trailerable racer cruiser that can plane, the 24 will sail rings around other 24 footers and will put a smile on any serious sailor’s face.

Author: Blue Water Sailing


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