Shannon Shoalsailer 35


SHANNON SHOALSAILER 35 • With a home in the Florida Keys and a desire to explore them by sail, shallow coastal gunkholing rather than ocean passages were the inspiration for designer Walt Schulz’s Shoalsailers by Shannon Yachts. The Shoalsailer 35 is the second in the line and boasts the ability to sail upwind with a mere 30-inch draft, thanks to her unique hull shape. The Shoalsailers can be beached, and the 35’s substantial 12-foot, nine-inch beam enhances her form stability, minimizing heel when beating. The beam and high cabin allow accommodations for six, including two in the saloon. Shannon offers the Shoalsailer 35 with a 40-horsepower Yanmar or the High Speed Package with a 100-horsepower engine allowing speeds in excess of 12 knots under power.

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Author: Blue Water Sailing


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