Shrinkwrap Over Awlgrip


Take care when covering your boat with shrinkwrap


Its difficult for dirt and grease to adhere to Awlgrip but over time a buildup of dirt can dull the finish. Wrapping the boat in shrinkwrap can cause chafing which allows for contaminants. Therefore,  shrinkwrap is only taken to the sheer line. The problem is, how to finish and attach the bottom line.

For boats with a screwed on metal rubrail (SS-brass) like Lime’n, our Morgan 38,  I slackened the rubrail screws, inserted wire ties then tightened the screws, not a big job. The shrinkwrap installer was then able to attach the bottom line and finish the shrinkwrap neatly at the sheer line and stop rain and snow getting on the decks.

Works like a charm.

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