For the Love of Alaska

Achieving a cruising dream  (published June/July 2017) With our bright blue spinnaker poled out and full of wind, we sailed across the border between British Columbia […]

Nowhere Else

Still sailing the same silent sea. Photos by Nancy Krill  (published January 2016) “So you didn’t go anywhere this season…you only cruised Alaska”, is a refrain […]

An Alaskan Sailing Adventure

Exploring the wonders of beautiful Kachemak Bay  (published November 2013) Anchored in Halibut Cove in Alaska’s Kachemak Bay State Park, my boyfriend, Arun Jain, and I […]

Jade Harbor

Prince William Sound, Alaska  (published January 2015) While crossing the Gulf of Alaska, I’d eagerly anticipated nosing up to Columbia Glacier at the head of Prince […]