Offshore Power Management

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Batteries for Cruisers

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Green Energy Afloat

To be truly self-sufficient, a cruising boat needs to use solar, wind and water energy to top up the battery bank  (published November 2016) In the […]

Smart Charging

Choose an alternator and smart charger to fit your battery bank (published November 2016) Marine engines come with an alternator rated between 50 and 70 amps […]

Battery Banter

(published November 2012) Chuck Hawley, West Marine’s  Vice President of Product Development, recently bought an Alerion Express 38 Yawl and is learning how to be a […]

Bank On It

How to assess and choose the right house batteries for your boat  (published November 2013) We were reaching south halfway between Annapolis and Norfolk when the […]

Energy Saving Tips

As Ben Franklin might say, an amp-hour saved is an amp-hour earned  (published November 2013) Modern cruising boats tend to be well equipped with refrigeration, marine […]