Island Packet 349

If you are ready to “go small and go now,” then the new IPY 349 may be just the new cruising boat for you  (published February […]

Small Steps to a Greener Galley

Provisioning, food storage and meal prep require a lot of time and effort when you must organize and cook almost every meal you eat. Making small, […]

The Terrifically Terrible Tether

Taking the road less traveled by sailboat  (published May 2018) The hardest part about having an adventurous spirit is the inevitable aloneness that accompanies it. I’m […]

Tartan 395

(Published November/December 2018) I was scheduled to take the brand new Tartan 395 out for a sail on the Tuesday after the Annapolis sailboat show in […]

Beneteau 30.1

FROM INLAND WATERWAYS TO HIGH SEAS With an overall size of under 9×3 metres and a light displacement of less than 4 tonnes, the Oceanis can […]

Fitting Out

Whether you are getting ready for a spring launch or going through your annual haul out, here’s a guide to the essential tasks  (published April 2018) […]