A sudden storm dampens a passage from Grays Harbor, WA to San Francisco  (published September 2012) When I tell the story of a recent storm encounter, […]

Sail Fish

A couple takes their first sailboat from Argentina to Virginia, bringing their passion for fishing along for the ride  (published September 2012) The first leg was […]

Shake Down South

A cruising family gets reacquainted with the liveaboard lifestyle on an East Coast run  (published September 2012) The dream part of every cruise is exhilarating sailing […]

Into the Wild

Embracing the perils and rewards of South Georgia Island  (published September 2012) Visiting South Georgia Island, along with the wider Antarctic region, has been one of […]

A Step Back in Time

Sasara Twin Waterfall Bay in Vanuatu’s Banks Islands  (published September 2012) What most Americans know about Vanuatu was probably learned from watching a reality TV show. […]


39°14’47” N, 09°03’27” E  Not just for megayachts   (published August 2012) While much of Sardinia is rural and undeveloped, the northeast coast has become an […]

Finding Refuge

A tale of two approaches to an enchanted Australian cove  (published August 2012) It is 140 nautical miles from my home port in Williamstown, at the […]

Four Hours Away From a Nap

Keep your crew’s awareness sharp by taking a disciplined approach to watchkeeping   (published August 2012) We’ve all seen it: the excitement of departure has everyone awake […]

Drection Island, Australia

12º05.58 S, 96º52.86 E  (published July 2012) We had initially planned to sail past Cocos (Keeling) Islands on our voyage from Sunda Strait to Mauritius, until […]