Staying Safe at Sea

(published June/July 2017) While the rest of the world is worried about terrorism, it’s easy to feel safe from attacks when living aboard out at sea. […]

Cuba Today

Twenty three boats and a hundred intrepid cruisers joined the Salty Dawg Rally to Cuba  (published May 2017) Landing in Cuba is like stepping off a […]

Jeanneau 51

(published April 2017) When I woke just after dawn and checked the weather app on my phone, I could see we were in for a storm. […]

Anchors for Cruisers

There are lots of choices but some pretty obvious answers, too  (published April 2017) For cruising sailors who like to explore off the beaten path, anchors […]

Offshore Power Management

How to build an energy system that is robust, reliable and up to the rigors of offshore sailing  (published April 2017) For the past 30 years […]