Terrific Tobago

Clean, green and serene, indeed  (published June 2012) I live on board Discovery V, a Bowman 57-foot cutter-rigged ketch, with my husband, Kirk, and 12-year-old twins, […]

Pit Stop in Paradise

Exploring Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador  (published May 2012) With the depth alarm screaming, we entered the surf line and I threw the wheel all the way […]

Milos, Greece

36°41’N, 24°25’E  (published April 2012) Concluding our cruise of the Cyclades on the island of Milos, my husband and I did the usual Med moor to […]

As Fickle as the Weather

One thing is certain-it’s going to change  (published February 2012) It’s a common axiom in many parts of the world—if you don’t like the weather, just […]

Diamond in the Lava

19˚ 47’ 50” N  156˚ 01’ 88” W The Hawaiian Islands are a sailor’s paradise, with warm trade winds and clear blue water. But finding a […]