Stay in Touch

“Stay in Touch!” It’s a common enough term, but one that takes on many places and is important to many people  (published November/December 2017)   As […]

Top Ten Items to Have Onboard

Not necessarily the “big ticket” items but items that have over the years the author has come to rely on  (published September 2017) I’ve delivered countless […]

Gaining an Understanding

Regardless of what you’re trying to accomplish as a team or crew, clear communications is central to success  (published March 2016) Anchored off a lee shore […]

VHF Operations

Getting your crew comfortable using the VHF radio  (published February 2015) One of the simplest yet most important pieces of electronics aboard your cruising boat is […]

Comms for Cruisers

For offshore sailors, here are three modern communication solutions for three different budgets  (published February 2015) Skippers and their crews headed offshore should take their onboard […]

Getting the Best Wi-Fi on the Water

Understanding Wi-Fi boosters and antennas  (published April 2014) Along with GPS, satellite phones, and SSB radios with PACTOR modems, Wi-Fi boosters are another miracle of communications […]

Radio Check

A guide to VHF radio communication and your safety  (published February 2014) In the ever-evolving age of modern marine electronics, the humble VHF still stands out […]

Satellite Phones at Sea

Voice and data communications has never been easier for cruisers  (published February 2014) The call came in on schedule from Lime’n at sea. “Can you hear […]