Rough Night to Havana

Part 2: After a boisterous delivery from Pensacola to Key West, the author and two pals set off in his Catalina 31 with an organized rally […]

On to Cuba

Six friends take in the sights and sounds of Cuba  (published June/July 2017) Plate after plate of food piled in front of us as our crew […]

Cuba Today

Twenty three boats and a hundred intrepid cruisers joined the Salty Dawg Rally to Cuba  (published May 2017) Landing in Cuba is like stepping off a […]

Cuba Layover, Varadero

On their way from St. Martin to Miami, they make an unexpected layover at Cuba’s impressive and brand new Varadero Marina  (published February 2017) There were […]

Destination: Havana

A step back in time, regattas pave the way to Cuba  (published November 2016) In 1952, American yachtsmen were greeted by heavy caliber machine gun fire […]