Beyond the Ditty Bag

Essential things every sailor should bring along when sailing on someone else’s boat  (published December 2014) By now, the contents of a sailor’s ditty bag have […]

Silent Running

Re-powering a 36-ketch with an electric motor  (published November 2014) When my diesel engine’s exhaust manifold, raw water header tank, and other critical and expensive systems […]

Bicycling While Cruising

Carrying a bike aboard can be extremely useful and nprovide you with additional enjoyment as you cruise  (published October 2014) One of the main joys of […]

Get the Most from the Sun and Wind

A quick guide to maximizing your energy independence  (published June 2014) For decades now, solar and wind power have reliably provided inexpensive energy to cruisers. It’s […]

Getting the Best Wi-Fi on the Water

Understanding Wi-Fi boosters and antennas  (published April 2014) Along with GPS, satellite phones, and SSB radios with PACTOR modems, Wi-Fi boosters are another miracle of communications […]

Essential Offshore Gear

The SSB Radio demystified: Part Two  (published June 2012) Heard the SSB is too complicated to install or learn to use? Think again. Modern SSB radios […]

Essential Offshore Gear

The SSB radio, demystified  (published April 2012) SSB radios are king when it comes to reliable, long-range communications. Above and beyond satellite phones, the SSB gives […]

Serious Safety

The capsize and rescue of Rambler 100 teaches us that not every catastrophe ends in tragedy-provided we take proper, and often simple, precautions  (published February 2012) […]