Getting the Best Wi-Fi on the Water

Understanding Wi-Fi boosters and antennas  (published April 2014) Along with GPS, satellite phones, and SSB radios with PACTOR modems, Wi-Fi boosters are another miracle of communications […]

Charting Up for the Caribbean

Here are the charts and guides you need to safely navigate and cruise the Caribbean  (published January 2014) Every fall hundreds of boats depart the East […]

The Brains of the Operation

Multifunction displays bring the information age to your helm and nav station  (published January 2014) The field of marine electronics has been on a fast development […]

Gift Ideas for Sailors

Here are a few products that we identified at this fall’s boat shows as unique and worth a look for the serious blue water cruiser  (published […]

Staying in Touch

Thoughts after using SSB and satellite phones over thousands of miles at sea  (published August 2013) The SSB radio is a time-honored staple of long distance […]

ebooks On Board

Love them now, or love them later  (published May 2013) The value of digital publications for an offshore sailboat is pretty obvious. We can store a […]