Small Steps to a Greener Galley

Provisioning, food storage and meal prep require a lot of time and effort when you must organize and cook almost every meal you eat. Making small, […]

Galley Guide

Holidays Onboard  (published Dec/Jan 2016-17) Perhaps one of the most difficult things about being a voyaging sailor is being away from friends and family for long […]

The Voyaging Galley

During their voyage around the world, they experienced cultural immersion through the local cuisine  (published June 2013) When my husband Seth and I first set out […]

Fresh for the Oven

Baking the best bread at sea  (published June 2012) Nothing beats the taste, texture and aroma of a loaf of freshly baked bread. But baking at […]

Quick, Easy and Good

Convenience foods for the offshore sailor  (published November 2012) Sure, we’d all like to be accomplished galley chefs, amazing and delighting the crew with our ability […]

Food Heresy Offshore

(published March 2012) When provisioning for our recent (and first) trans-Atlantic voyage on Equilibre, our Catana 381 catamaran, I did the usual due diligence by reading […]