Sailing Back in Time

Tanna, Vanuatu offers a land of natural wonder and hospitable people  (published September 2013) Active volcanoes, dense forests, pristine bays, rugged mountains, cyclones, earthquakes, ash plains, […]

New Zealand’s Unknown Isle

Discovering rugged yet laid-back Stewart Island  (published May 2013) photos by Jim Thomsen Most people believe New Zealand consists of just North and South Islands. But […]

A Feast for the Senses

A leisurely cruise in Fiordland, New Zealand  (published January 2013) “You’re going where? Why? Just rent a campervan and drive there!” That was the response we […]


Discovering paradise, cheeseburgers and a little slice of America  (published June 2015) I didn’t get the full meaning of Jimmy Buffet’s song Cheeseburger in Paradise until we […]

A Passage for the Birds

Tenaya shares the seas with flying friends while heading from PNG to Palau  (published February 2015) Maybe the sky knows this is our last night in […]

PNG Discovered

A voyage through Papua New Guinea reveals the friendly side of these rarely cruised islands  (published December 2014) Where to next? Jim and I had been […]

Sailing Canoes

Discovering the custom of building and sailing traditional canoes in Papua New Guinea  (published July 2014) We see sails. Not the tall white sails typical of […]