What Worked

After having spent the past eight years crossing oceans on our 40 year old Valiant 40, we have discovered what equipment has given us the best […]

Get A Grip!

Stronger deck handles and no varnishing  (published September 2015) A wise sailor once said to me, “sand or sail”.  All his topside teak was unvarnished, gray, […]

Understanding Your Diesel Engine

How to become a more confident, anxiety free diesel mechanic  (published March 2013) I had departed the marina in Charleston, South Carolina bound for Florida, it […]

Prop Shaft Line Cutters

A line or weed tangled in our pop can ruin your whole day, if not end your cruise. Here’s the remedy.  (published April 2015) Every year […]

Paint It Black

Afer two years, renewing the bottom paint quickly moved atop our spring fitting out list  (published April 2015) While kayaking back to the boat after a […]