Sustainable Energy Aboard

How to harness the elements to keep your boat’s systems running smoothly and your life aboard more pleasant  (published November 2014) From the climates of tropical […]

The Major Refit

Time and miles have taken their toll. It’s time to manage a refit to all your boat’s essential systems.  (published Ocdtober 2014) The miles have slipped […]

Choosing a Generator

Part II: Installation tips for the faint of heart  (published September 2014) So you have done the research, studied the brochures, completed a dozen electrical needs […]

Bottom Paint for the Long Haul

Beating the barnacles on a cruising boat is a constant battle that can make the difference between fast and slow passages  (published April 2014) Over the […]

Spring Safety Checks

Commissioning for the upcoming season is the perfect time to inspect your boat’s safety equipment  (published April 2014) As springtime rolls around and we start to […]


Sail repairs at sea are not a matter of “if” but “when”…since sails that are used hard offshore will eventually need your tender loving care  (published […]