Energy Saving Tips

As Ben Franklin might say, an amp-hour saved is an amp-hour earned  (published November 2013) Modern cruising boats tend to be well equipped with refrigeration, marine […]

Do It Yourself

Tips for anchor windlass installation  (published June 2013) I no longer need a mirror to see that time has finally caught up with me—let’s face it, […]

A Sole with Soul

Fitting a new cabin sole takes time and careful planning  (published May 2013) When we began the restoration and refit of our Pearson 424, S/V Regina […]

Marlinspike Madness

Learn to splice your double braid lines  (published April 2013) Marlinspike seamanship is an often-overlooked aspect of sailing. Most cruising sailors know half-a-dozen knots that are […]

Live It, Learn It

Hands-on sail repair and maintenance with Carol Hasse and crew  (published April 2013) Though my home was moored in the shadow of Carol Hasse’s front door […]

Mast Hysteria

What to look for in your rig before heading offshore (published April 2013) Everything has its place, purpose and importance on an offshore quality sailboat. But […]

Maintaining Winches

Five simple steps can extend the life of one of your most valuable sailing tools  (published February 2013) My wife and I regularly sail together, and […]

One Word: Plastics

Modern plastic technology meets classic plastic boat-less maintenance on deck, less corrosion below  (published February 2013) Mr. McGuire: “I want to say one word to you. […]